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Dima Lukin and Hugo Antonin feature in this CFNM, with the Mad Maids. The maids are cleaning up after what seems to be a rather messy party. Chatting all the while they go about their work. One of the maid goes to move a blanket and under it she finds a sleeping Dima. They giggle at the sight of him asleep, with a cushion on his body. As one girl tries to peek under the cushion she thinks he is naked. Gently they remove the cushion and, indeed, Dima is naked. Also asleep on a chair is Hugo, as the girls remove his cover they find that he has kept his shorts on. Returning their attention to Dima one girl begins to tickle him with a duster, when she reaches his face he awakens. The other girl quickly grabs his arms while the other one jumps on him and covers his mouth to stop him from screaming out. They gag Dima with a ball gag to keep him quiet, and tie his wrists and ankles. Then they return to Hugo.


Guy Is Sucked Off By Three Women After They Discover Him Performing On Cam

A boy is having a naked webcam call with a woman when his three female housemates walk in! He is very embarrassed but they find it the funniest thing ever, especially when the girl pleads with them to get involved! Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place when they start by making him carry on jerking off while they stare and giggle. Then they all take over and give him a handjob before dropping their mouths and giving him a three-way blowjob. Ava swallows his balls and then jerks his big explosion into her friends’ faces while the cam lady looks on in excitement!

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Babes In Silk Nighties Force Man To Have A Premature Ejaculation

Experienced Red is going to help poor Cedric to beat his problems with premature orgasms. She brings him into a bedroom where two gorgeous babes in satin nighties are sleeping. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what occurs as she undresses him and removes their duvets so he is able to view their beautiful figures. He cries that he is going to have an orgasm and the women wake up. They refuse to believe a penis can shoot that quickly and they push him onto the bed and all three have a go at carefully playing with him until he erupts on Red’s silk negligee within a very short space of time!

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Teacher Says He Is Able To Have Multiple Orgasms So College Girls Decide To Test Him!

In the middle of an extra credit anatomy lesson, tutors Mike and Cathy argue over the issue of if males can enjoy consecutive orgasms like women can. She teaches the pupils that just ladies can cum twice but Mike claims he is able to prove it – so the ladies leap on him and decide to see for themselves! Watch the sample CFNM clip here to view what occurs as they undress him and start wanking his cock until he ejaculates on himself. They then mop him up before starting work on his dick a second time. To their amazement he explodes again for them and they accept that maybe they got it wrong!

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Aunties Take Advantage Of Young Boy In Front Of His Teen Girlfriend!

A teen girl has invited her new date to meet her aunties but the two MILFs send her off to fetch the tea so they can fondle the young boy. When she returns they leave the young couple on their own but Billy excuses himself and goes looking for the mature ladies, finding Candi playing with herself on her bed. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to view what takes place when she pulls him in and enlists Wendy to help her to take his clothes off. Moments later they are each in the process of playing with his penis as Bonnie walks in horrified! They agree to teach the young girl how to please her boyfriend and the handjob masterclass soon has the young youth spunking all over himself!

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Women Show Off Their New Lingerie To Give Naked Boy An Ejaculation

Four babes have purchased new underwear to show off to their boyfriends. When Peter walks in they ask for his views on them but he isn’t that bothered. The girls choose to show him the underwear on and he rapidly becomes REALLY interested! As each in turn the babes undress totally and then slip into the new bra and panty sets, Peter’s hard-on starts to rise. Watch the CFNM trailer here to see what takes place when they jump on him and tug his pants down so they can see the effect they are having on him. As they all start milking his penis he soon shoots a massive load to frenzied cries and encouragement from the sexy females!

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Pervy Exec Is Ass Fucked By Three Secretaries And Forced To Spunk In His Own Mouth!

Pervy boss Simon is famous for touching up his female staff. But on this occasion Ava has a camera hidden in her pen and films his unwanted advances before calling in two of her friends. Watch the CFNM trailer here to watch what takes place as the three bitches bribe the guy, making him take all his clothes off before making him put on their crotch-less knickers and dress. They turn him with his legs in the air on the settee and use a dildo on his asshole as they jerk him off until he spunks in his own mouth. Anna takes the drips off his penis and wipes it on his lips as Ava laughs and Bonnie films the whole thing!

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Counsellor Is Stripped And Blown To Assist Babe With Her Problems

Trainee mentor Tony is taking part in his first open healing group. Nervous Nomi is telling them how a lecturer took advantage of her and shows what he did by rubbing the front of Tony’s trousers. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to see what happens when Tony objects but Beth orders him not to stop the flow of the session. As Nomi continues demonstrating what happened to her, she strips Tony off and starts sucking his cock. Blonde hottie Nesty dives in to get involved too but the whole crowd of ladies are taken by surprise when Tony can’t hold back any longer and spurts his cum on their faces!

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Shy Intern Is Hazed By His Female Office Workers

Rob is on the last week of his apprenticeship when he discovers that the organisation has a bizarre “succession” ceremony for their fledgling interns – he has to work without any clothes on his last day! Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to view what happens when he timidly undresses watched by his female co-workers and then branch manager Lissa tells him to stand up for his ID photo! The appearance of his penis soon has the female secretaries extremely excited and they start playing with his dick until Charlie shoves it between her lips and blows him until he spunks on her face!

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Man Bursts In On Tanning Girl In The Nude But Is Taught A Lesson By Her Sexy Pals

Satine has settled down with her tanning machine in her room when suddenly a guy interrupts her. She orders him to fuck off and when her housemates rush in, she is told that he is their new lodger! Feeling violated and wanting to show him the rules of the house, the females storm to his room so they can reprimand him. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to watch what occurs when they pull his trousers and shirt off so he feels as exposed as Satine did. But as soon as they spot his large cock they decide to take advantage of him and are quickly giving him a threeway blowjob until he spunks everywhere!

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