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Volume 9 in William Higgins’ CFNM series brings you more humiliated guys getting nude while these empowered women shame them.


Guy Is Forced To Get His Dick Out For Well Known Magazine

A Famous British tabloid has infamously brought back women with their boobs out on Page 3 – however now they are going a step further! They are intending to show naked guys on page four to offer something for the women. Simon is the first stud to be pictured for the new feature but he is very anxious and his manager Red even has to yank his underwear down in front of the female photographers. Watch the CFNM trailer here to watch what occurs when they start taking photos but then decide it would look more raunchy if his dick was erect. They stroke him to a big erection but he loses control and shoots over Sienna’s amazing boobs!

What a lucky stud! Not only did he have three girls jerking him off until he jizzed on a wonderful pair of boobs – but he is also going to have his naked photos looked at by thousands of women in a newspaper! I would swap positions with him any day. Click here for more sexy fantasy movies from PureCFNM now.

Babes Take Pity On Charity Challenge Victim So They Suck Him Off!

Steve has been chosen for the Ice Bucket Challenge and his three lady colleagues are very excited to tip the freezing liquid over him. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to view what occurs when it engulfs him they erupt with laughter but rapidly spot that he is dangerously cold. They help him out of his wet garments and wrap towels around him before rubbing him with their hands to make him warm – rubbing the growing mound in his groin as they do so. Feeling the stiffie, the ladies decide to spread the towel and help themselves to his penis, each having a go to taste it until he erupts everywhere for their visual enjoyment!

A classic case of pain and pleasure. He went through the difficulty of being freezing cold so as to receive the pleasure of three females sucking his dick. I’m sure I wouldn’t have held out two minutes with these three babes!

Popcorn Prank Ends In A Gang Blowjob For Fortunate Man!

Comedian Jamie thinks it will be funny to shove his penis through the bottom of a popcorn holder while the women are eating out of it. They munch away oblivious until their hands get lower down and then they cry out in shock! Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what happens when the women don’t agree it is hysterical having eaten his penis coated popcorn and agree to teach him a lesson. They make him get up and take his clothes off so they can make fun of him but when they set eyes on his penis they enjoy it so much that they end up all sucking it until he shoots in their faces!

It was a clever prank that went wrong but then gave him the greatest trophy of all – a triple blowjob! OMG, I’d shove my dick into any kind of sweet products to receive that! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Selfish Brat Jerks Off Guy To Stop Her Mother Having A Baby

As soon as Georgie tells her daughter Chloe that she would like to have another child with her new man, Chloe is appalled at the thought. She wants to be the sole child and the focus of attention so she summons the aid of her two buddies and the three of them pay Georgie’s lover a visit. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what occurs as they strip him naked. They then inform him that if ever he is feeling turned on he has to unload his testicles into their mouths – NOT Georgie’s cunt. As they each have a go to taste his penis, Georgie catches them and is disgusted as Steve covers Candi’s mouth with jizz as she watches!

This man may be in trouble for being unfaithful to his wife but surely it was worth it! To enjoy those hotties swallowing my dick, I’m sure I would gamble almost everything. Click here for more super hot CFNM movies from PureCFNM now.

Hotel Maids Find Nude Man Shackled To Bed And Milk His Balls

When hotel maid Sienna walks in on a guest tied naked to the hotel bed she rushes to beckon her colleagues. The guest tells supervisor Angel that a escort shackled him up then ran off with his cash – after he had taken a Viagra! Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what as Angel decides the girls have to take care of their guest’s aching nuts while they are waiting for the locksmith. They each have a go to milk and blow his huge penis until he erupts in Angel’s face. They then leave Sienna to keep him company, but she lifts her uniform up and informs him she is intending to have round two on his rock hard Viagra dick!

Is this stud in heaven or hell? He gets blown by four hot babes and then after he has shot his load, a sexy blonde lowers her knickers and leaps on top of him for another go – without a break! I still think I can be OK with that . . click here for more from PureCFNM now.

Ladies Blow A Salesman To Find Out If His Product Can Get Jizz Stains Out

A salesman is showing off the features of a new brand of detergent. He is proud of all the marks it can remove but is taken aback when the women question him if it is able to remove semen. As women of the world they often suck cock and often find semen on their skirts and shirts. Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to see what occurs when Tony announces that he doesn’t know and the dominant females decide to check it themselves. They pounce on him and rip his trousers off before each having a go to play with and blow his cock until he cums all over his own shirt! “Now we can see if your new powder can get that mess out,” they laugh!

This unlucky guy was only trying to earn a living when three lusty housewives leapt on him, stripped him and blew his cock. It’s obvious you all be sympathetic of him. There’s hundreds of poor males over at PureCFNM being forced to submit to sexual acts by groups of girls – click here to watch more now.

Stunning Babe Encourages Photographer To Undress And Jerk Off While She Watches

Gorgeous Beth has decided she was quite hard on the over-excited photographer when they previously met. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to view what occurs when she is back for her next shoot. This time she actively asks him to lower his pants for her and let her see his big cock. She enjoys the manner in which it twitches each time she discards an item of her outfit and she teases him using her wonderful body until the unfortunate guy is bursting for relief. Seeing her exposed vagina has him throbbing and after putting her clothes back on, she finally lets him masturbate while she watches. She can’t wait to see him erupt again so she talks dirty and urges him on until she sees her explosion!

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Naughty Fantasies Puts Naked Guy In Hot Water With Wife

Steve drops off to sleep dreaming of his wife’s best friend Tasha. He watches her in his dream stripping naked and moving towards him – just as his wife shakes him awake! Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to view what happens as she is really annoyed having heard him calling out Tasha’s name whilst wanking. As she tells him off, Brooklyn and Tasha take the chance to feel his dick and it becomes erect again. Amber is surprised at their actions but agrees to let them have a grope with it before giving him a blowjob herself. Seeing the gorgeous Tasha so close to him as he receives a blowjob causes him to shoot his load really fast and the women all giggle as he cums all over the place!

What a fantastic CFNM movie. We get to see the stunning Tasha nude at the beginning of it as the guy is asleep, then we enjoy the CFNM action as the ladies jerk and lick him to climax. There’s more from PureCFNM here.

Females Get Drunk And Gamble On Naked Men’s Erections

The ladies are having a alcohol-fuelled night in and Beth has organised some games for them. The five ladies giggle as two nude guys are led in chained and gagged. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to view what occurs as Beth tells them that they should bet on which of them cums first from being jerked off. The females pick their favourite but as soon as the contest starts they howl with laughter as guy A explodes within 30 seconds! For the second game, can guy B last five minutes with two women sucking his dick? For a second time bets are decided but with two expert blowjob artists on his dick, the poor guy stands no way of winning and quickly cums in Nesty’s mouth to cheers and giggling!

If these ladies ever want a male volunteer for another of their drunken evenings then just call me. I think I’d survive about as long as that first guy though with these sexy ladies jerking and sucking my penis. Click here to see more horny CFNM scenes from PureCFNM now.