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Trainee mentor Tony is taking part in his first open healing group. Nervous Nomi is telling them how a lecturer took advantage of her and shows what he did by rubbing the front of Tony’s trousers. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to see what happens when Tony objects but Beth orders him not to stop the flow of the session. As Nomi continues demonstrating what happened to her, she strips Tony off and starts sucking his cock. Blonde hottie Nesty dives in to get involved too but the whole crowd of ladies are taken by surprise when Tony can’t hold back any longer and spurts his cum on their faces!

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Volume 9 in William Higgins’ CFNM series brings you more humiliated guys getting nude while these empowered women shame them.


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A Famous British tabloid has infamously brought back women with their boobs out on Page 3 – however now they are going a step further! They are intending to show naked guys on page four to offer something for the women. Simon is the first stud to be pictured for the new feature but he is very anxious and his manager Red even has to yank his underwear down in front of the female photographers. Watch the CFNM trailer here to watch what occurs when they start taking photos but then decide it would look more raunchy if his dick was erect. They stroke him to a big erection but he loses control and shoots over Sienna’s amazing boobs!

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Steve has been chosen for the Ice Bucket Challenge and his three lady colleagues are very excited to tip the freezing liquid over him. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to view what occurs when it engulfs him they erupt with laughter but rapidly spot that he is dangerously cold. They help him out of his wet garments and wrap towels around him before rubbing him with their hands to make him warm – rubbing the growing mound in his groin as they do so. Feeling the stiffie, the ladies decide to spread the towel and help themselves to his penis, each having a go to taste it until he erupts everywhere for their visual enjoyment!

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As soon as Georgie tells her daughter Chloe that she would like to have another child with her new man, Chloe is appalled at the thought. She wants to be the sole child and the focus of attention so she summons the aid of her two buddies and the three of them pay Georgie’s lover a visit. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what occurs as they strip him naked. They then inform him that if ever he is feeling turned on he has to unload his testicles into their mouths – NOT Georgie’s cunt. As they each have a go to taste his penis, Georgie catches them and is disgusted as Steve covers Candi’s mouth with jizz as she watches!

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