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We are introduced to two fancy ladies, sitting around, drinking liqueur and smoking cigarettes. Wanting a little excitement, they call a couple of their guy friends to come over. Honza Copak and Jiri Jiskra duly arrive. Fooling around over a game of darts things soon heat up just as the guys are accosted and made to strip. Rado Viker is a waiter in a local restaurant. The two girls he is serving are not very impressed with it, as it has no wine, only some form of champagne. But they stick with it and order the champagne and some food. When the food arrives one of the girls finds something that should not be on her plate. Calling the waiter back they decide to exact some revenge on him. Kristof Hertz did an Easter CFNM, Bunny Bashing. It is a custom in the Czech Republic for boys to go out and smack girls with birch twigs, at Easter. So Kristof has two girls that he is doing this with, chasing them around the table. It doesn’t take long to move on to other things though. All seems to be going well as they open his shirt and jeans, revealing a big hard cock. When the jeans are off, things get somewhat rougher as one girl hold Kristof’s hands behind his head and the other girl starts to suck and bit his throbbing cock.


Female Gang Hunts Down Boys So They Can Strip Them Naked And Empty Their Balls!

Females are no longer the weaker sex of previous eras – these days they travel in gangs and grab what they wish! Jasmine, Jessica and Carmel have already and restrained one boy and are now after another. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what takes place when he is soon captured and restrained as well and then each in turn they begin undressing the helpless boys. They laugh as they compare their cocks and then have a competition to find out which of the guys will explode the quickest. The girls are so skilled at jerking and sucking that each of the boys shoot their spunk within seconds of each other!

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Good Deed Is Rewarded CFNM Fashion By Four Fit Females

Good samaritan Stefan saves a pet when it is hit by a car and when he drops it off to it’s masters they are desperate to say thank you. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to see what happens as the girls don’t have much cash so they decide to thank him in another manner. They undress him and start to milk his penis right at the moment their two foreign students out of the blue walk in! Stefan now has four fit babes wanking his cock and his orgasm is so huge that he plasters himself in the face, much to their amusement!

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Secretaries Con Colleague Into Letting Them See His Penis Then They Suck His Balls Dry

Three secretaries are having a meal after hours when the subject turns to guy’s cock sizes. Watch the CFNM trailer here to watch what takes place as the two women joke with Steve about how large he could be. They offer to show him pictures of their tits on their phones if he will flash them his penis. They move back to Steve’s apartment where the girls strip him naked, playing with and sucking his cock until he has a enormous orgasm. This gets the ladies so excited that they are unable to keep their hands off each other as he walks off to get dressed!

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Lady Prison Officers Keep Male Offenders Under Control With Their Penises

Governors Samantha and Tara are walking round the guy’s jail wing to find out how the women prison guards are managing such success controlling them. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to watch what occurs when guard Sienna reveals her methods which include stripping the inmate naked and using his cock to control his demeanor. “Drain their testicles and men aren’t so aggressive” she explains groping his cock until it’s stiff. The rest of the females are enjoying the sight of his massive penis and ask if they can have a feel. In no time at all all four girls are masturbating and blowing his cock until he spunks across Tara’s open mouth!

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Guy Is Conned In Strip Poker Game So Three Girls Can Taste His Big Penis

Pete is planning to get Anna undressed by challenging her to strip poker. Little does he realize that she is an expert and has arranged the entire thing with her two pals watching from where he can’t see them. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to see what occurs when they laugh as he removes piece after piece of clothing before leaping out to take him unawares him. He tries to call a halt to the contest but they say they will all take their clothes off if he wins – when he loses the next hand they order him to do a forfeit – to wank in front of them. The view of his large hard on makes them so excited that they manhandle him over the table and each have a go blowing his penis until he enjoys a giant ejaculation!

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Babes Prove That All Guys Think With Their Penises – And Then Blow Them!

The babes are chatting about how all guys is ruled by their dicks. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to watch what takes place when Tina says she doesn’t agree and Alexis bets she can prove it once and for all. She employs her feminine charms to persuade Robert that women get off on seeing guys wank and she takes all his clothes off and tells him to jerk off for them before claiming her success in the bet. Finding out that they tricked him, Robert feels really stupid and the women decide they should make it up to him. Seconds later, he is lying on the sofa with all four of them blowing his penis until he enjoys an enormous cum eruption which surprises even the females!

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Female Execs Force Man To Strip Naked During Interview Then Wank Him Till He Ejaculates

Three secretaries are auditioning for a stunt double for their leading man. He is a fat guy and until the latest guy walked in they were struggling to find someone. Watch the sample clip here to see what happens as they explain that he would have to put on a loin cloth in the video and ask him to strip off right there and then and try it on. As they prod at the front of his thong, his penis grows larger and they tell him to drop the pants so they are able to find out if his equipment is big enough to make the movie star look impressive. As they take turns to masturbate his penis he soon spurts out a huge explosion of spunk across his tummy!

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Five Girls Persuade Male Stripper To Allow Them To Milk His Balls Dry

Ruby asked for a nice relaxing bachelorette evening but best pal Hannah goes behind her back and hires a secret stripper! As the dancing starts the gang of ladies quickly get into aparty spirit and are clapping and giggling as his outfit come off. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to watch what occurs when even the shy babes have their fingers all over the sexy male stripper and Ruby rips off his skimpy underwear so they can all ogle his cock. The women grow more adventurous and begin playing with his cock which quickly enlarges and when they each have a go to wank it the stud shoots his load all over Ava’s leg.

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Young Man Is Found In Embarrassing Situation By Three Ladies Who Then Wank His Dick Dry

Young Billy has the apartment to himself and thinks it would be sexy to slide his cock back and forth in a flask while looking through a nudie mag. Unluckily for him, his female friends arrive back early and the vacuum effect means his dick has become wedged! Watch the sample CFNM clip here to view what takes place as after giggling and belittling him they help him to pull his dick out of the flask. They then take pity on his damaged cock and agree to massage lotion into it. The effect of three ladies wanking his dick with lotion soon has his penis fully erect and then ejaculating much to the babes’ delight!

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