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Steve drops off to sleep dreaming of his wife’s best friend Tasha. He watches her in his dream stripping naked and moving towards him – just as his wife shakes him awake! Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to view what happens as she is really annoyed having heard him calling out Tasha’s name whilst wanking. As she tells him off, Brooklyn and Tasha take the chance to feel his dick and it becomes erect again. Amber is surprised at their actions but agrees to let them have a grope with it before giving him a blowjob herself. Seeing the gorgeous Tasha so close to him as he receives a blowjob causes him to shoot his load really fast and the women all giggle as he cums all over the place!

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The ladies are having a alcohol-fuelled night in and Beth has organised some games for them. The five ladies giggle as two nude guys are led in chained and gagged. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to view what occurs as Beth tells them that they should bet on which of them cums first from being jerked off. The females pick their favourite but as soon as the contest starts they howl with laughter as guy A explodes within 30 seconds! For the second game, can guy B last five minutes with two women sucking his dick? For a second time bets are decided but with two expert blowjob artists on his dick, the poor guy stands no way of winning and quickly cums in Nesty’s mouth to cheers and giggling!

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James is preparing himself for a wank in private and wants to close himself off to his dreams so he puts on some headphones and covers his eyes. As a result he doesn’t hear Bluebell walk in and find him in the nude – or her scamper off to grab her friends. The three women find it extremely funny that they are seeing him wanking and they reach for their phones to video the situation. Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to view what occurs as they then wake him from his sexual trance and he is humiliated. When they crouch on the floor and give him a team tug job he rapidly forgets his embarrassment and explodes across their hands!

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Geeky Sean can only giggle as soon as he hears the silly views of three sexy ladies at the art exhibition. He tries to educate them but simply manages to annoy them, riling them to the point that they pounce on him. Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to view what occurs as the girls decide to show him they are NOT the fairer sex and strip him naked before giving him a sound ass smacking. They taunt his limp cock and tie his hand to the table with his own belt before each having a go to play with his dick. It grows bigger and he then explodes all over himself making them howl with laughter!

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Miss Lyall is teaching her class about the birds and the bees but they are getting caught up with the technical details so she beckons Josh forward to demonstrate. To the students’ disbelief she takes all his clothes off and begins jerking and blowing his penis. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to watch what occurs as she then gets each of the female students to have a wank and suck of their own. Finally Miss Lyall removes her panties and impales herself on Josh’s penis, screwing him to a climax before bending over and ordering him to screw her from behind. When he gets close he withdraws and shoots all over her anus as his female classmates watch in disbelief!

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Nadia is confessing to her buddy Savannah that she is worried her lover is having an affair. Savannah questions her about if she has seen any signs such as finger marks or lipstick so when he strolls in the ladies decide to look for themselves. Watch the CFNM trailer here to view what occurs as they yank his jumper off and are disgusted to notice a huge scratch mark across his back. They remove the remainder of his outfit to check if there are some more and check his dick for remnants of love bites. As his penis starts to become erect the two girls all of a sudden have lust in their expressions and give him a wonderful dual blowjob until he ejaculates on Nadia’s gorgeous young face.

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Lucie and Lola are making fun about the worthless twat at work who has a thing for her. She thinks he will do whatever she tells him to so they get the silly guy to come round and strip naked as they laugh at him. They play with his penis until it is hard and then unveil Lola’s slightly modified masturbation device! Watch the sample CFNM clip here to view what occurs when they shove his hard cock into the Fleshlight and start using the device! The females are in hysterics as they fiddle with the velocity with which the machine screw his penis but they then pull his penis out and masturbate him to a massive orgasm themselves to show that you can’t beat a female’s hand!

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CFNM The Girls Alliance

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Brian is getting messages from a babe on Snapchat. When she asks him to message her a naked selfie he creeps into the gents toilet to record it. Without him realizing, the texts are in fact from a girl co-worker and three of the office girls peer over the top of the toilet block and see him strip and then recording pictures of himself. Take a look at the CFNM sample clip here to view what takes place as they begin sniggering and he is caught red-handed. They offer not to tell anyone on the condition that he lets them in and the females then have a go themselves, wanking his dick and taking selfies of him until he erupts with a massive climax over Wendy’s wrist!

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