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Here is the 7th installment of the CFNM series, featuring sexy babes dominating a vulnerable naked man.


Guy Is Forced To Ejaculate On Snoozing MILF By Two Lingerie Babes

Tina has reached the end of her tether with Bonnie’s mean mother. She also has taken a liking to the mother’s new male friend so she plots to tackle the two issues at the same time. They creep into the bedroom where the mum is asleep with a night mask on and start feeling the guy’s butt and groin. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to view what takes place as they then yank his shorts down and start jerking his dick. He comes to and tells them to stop but the females just carry on and then go a step further, cock in their mouths and blowing him until he declares he is going to spunk. They rapidly pull him up and force him to ejaculate all over the mum’s nightie while she sleeps!

This man nearly got into hot water with his other half but it would have been worth it for a double blowjob from these two lingerie clad stunners! Click here for more hot CFNM movies from PureCFNM now.

MILF Comes Back To Suck Some Young Manhood CFNM Style

CFNM goddess Charlie Holays is back following an eight year break. As she talks with one of the more recent females, an obsessed fan begs her for an autograph. Watch the sample CFNM clip here to watch what takes place as Lissa jokes that the pathetic idiot might as well have asked her to sign his bell end! The loser thinks she is serious and instantly lowers his trousers but as soon as the girls set eyes on his huge dick they change their mood. Charlie mentions that she only gave wank jobs in the old days but within minutes she puts her mouth around his cock. The two girls give him a dual suck fest until he erupts on Charlie’s breasts and she then writes on his jizz-covered cock!

What a superb day that the Clothed Female Naked Male poster girl Charlie Holays has returned to shoot CFNM again. Her joie de vie and authentic love of penis is evident for all to see. Click here to see more from these beautiful girls at PureCFNM now.

Gang Of Girls Wank Two Men Till They Cum To See Who Is The Most Virile

Two girls have had a disagreement regarding their boyfriends. They both are convinced they are seeing the best looking guy with the biggest cock. As they are unable to settle their disagreement Hannah suggests a “spunk off” with several of their girl pals looking on. The females pick a partner and the teams undress their guys to shouts of excitement from the watching ladies. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to view what happens as they then wank and blow them, trying to make their stud spunk as quickly as they can. amazingly the two guys begin erupting at the exact same time but one explosion flies clear across the room. Is he the winner? The females still don’t see eye to eye . .

I adore videos like this in which naked men are displayed for a crowd of hot babes. It’s wonderful to see the expressions of enjoyment and fascination on the females’ faces as they view the studs being pleasured. It’s no surprise it was such a large explosion! Click here to view more like this now.

Tutor And Students Have CFNM Suck Fest In An Alleyway

Two pupils have met into an alleyway so they can jump each other’s bones. As their snogging gets more sensual Chantelle kneels down and undoes his trousers. Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to watch what happens when she gives him a loving blowjob until they are suddenly caught by teacher Georgie. She tells them off but quickly switches her tune when she sees Chris’s hard young penis sticking to the sky. She chooses to show them how to do it correctly and shoves Chantelle back to her knees to continue sucking. The tutor snogs the young lad and urges him to show her his spunk and he rapidly paints Chantelle’s beautiful face with a huge load of spunk!

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Three Babes Humiliate And Then Blow Virgin Boy For Jizzing In His Underwear

Inexperienced virgin Billy is having coffee with some female pals in the kitchen when one of them leans forward to find a bottle from a low cupboard. The view of her tight ass and skimpy panties causes him to become really aroused and he shoots his load in his boxer shorts right there at the table! Watch the CFNM trailer here to view what takes place as the babes discover what is going on and burst out laughing. When they reveal that he’s a virgin they take pity on him and get him out of his wet trousers and wash his cock. They then take turns to masturbate his penis and MILF Anna begs to give him his first ever blowjob which rapidly ends in a huge explosion all over her mouth.

Billie Rai has a perfect butt so no wonder he shot his wad in his boxer shorts. And if three hotties yanked my underwear down and began washing my penis I’m sure I’d get a hard on as well. He did well to jizz such a huge second explosion across the beautiful MILFs face. There’s hundreds more videos like this at PureCFNM now.

Female Students Persuade Lecturer Into Allowing Them To Strip Him And Give Him A Blowjob

Lecturer Josh is facing a battle to get his pupils to concentrate. The two young ladies at the front are teasing him and letting their skirts to ride up so he is able to get a glimpse of their underwear. Take a look at the CFNM trailer here to see what occurs as he is thrown off his lesson by male student Billy and he sends him to the principal’s room. As they are now on their own with the tutor, Nadia and Savannah grab the chance and pounce on the defenseless guy, pushing their feet against his bulge to get him hard and then taking all his clothes off. The girls then give him an awesome double blowjob, making out with each other on the tip of his cock until Savannah gets plastered right in the face by his incredible cumshot!

This video has one of the naughtiest double blowjobs of all time! Two gorgeous women wearing schoolgirl uniforms sucking a cock and making out with each other while its going on. Have the toilet paper ready before you watch this video. Click here for more similar to this.

Female Robbers Force Physician To Strip So They May Drain His Balls

Jodie is at the doctor’s clinic for some tests when suddenly two female robbers charge in hunting for pills. They tell the gynecologist to show them where the pills are but just as they are preparing to make a run for it they notice something out of place. Watch the CFNM trailer here to see what occurs as they are shocked that the doctor has been examining the exposed girl’s pussy without any gloves on. They assume that he is one of the weirdo doctors they read about on TV and agree to hand out some of his own treatment. They force him to undress and then lie there while they all feel his body and stroke his dick until he explodes everywhere!

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Office Babes Force Their Boss To Undress And Allow Them To Drink His Cum

Office babes Sophie and Nadia are cheesed off with working arrangements in the office. They have gathered together all the other workers and unless the employer agrees to their demands they will all walk out on industrial action. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs when they decide to take him down a few notches and inform him that unless he takes all his clothes off everyone will walk out instantly. He can’t allow that to happen and begrudgingly he accepts. He is then horrified when they command him to play with himself in front of them as they take pictures! He gets a treat though as the two hotties choose to give him an amazing double blowjob until he fills Nadia’s 19-year-old mouth with semen!

These two fitties really enjoyed the taste of semen and were never happier than when he shot his orgasm into their willing mouths. They looked so horny in their secretary outfits that I’m impressed he lasted that long! There’s loads more films like that one at PureCFNM now.

Army Hopeful Is Stripped And Given A Physical By Lady Recruiters

Corporal Kiss and Recruiter Sally are enduring a disappointing afternoon attempting to persuade young men to enlist. Take a look at the sample CFNM clip here to see what occurs when shy guy Ralph comes in to enquire about signing up and they talk him through all the information he should realize. The boy still seems uncertain and they quickly find out it’s because he doesn’t like the idea of being apart from ladies for months on end. The experienced ladies quickly grab the opportunity and bark orders at him to undress and play with himself while they watch. They then get him on the table and each have a go to masturbate his penis until he explodes for them. “I think that shows how we would take care of you in the forces,” announces Sergeant Kiss, “now sign here . . .”

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